How to Get a Food Handler Training Certificate for Food Handlers

Research of foodborne disease around the word have shown that most food associated diseases  result from malpractices in food preparation. Poor food handling practices in food service establishments are a leading cause of food-borne diseases. Therefore, training and education in food handling for food workers, including personal hygiene is a good safety requirement.

Food handler training or food handling course is to educate and as awareness for food handler on how to handle food properly to prevent risk of food poisoning. This course provides food handler with basic knowledge and skills to identify and implement correct food handling techniques in order to reduce the risk of food contamination. Its a compulsory course for all Food Handlers as stipulated in the Food Hygiene Regulation 2009 issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia which requires all food handlers to be trained in food handler training and to be familiar with this Regulations. This course is stipulated by Food Hygiene Regulation 2009 (Peraturan Kebersihan Makanan 2009) enacted on 28 February 2009. Non-compliance to the above can results in a fine of not more than RM 10,000 or not more than 2 years imprisonment.

This program is conducted in 8 modules according to the requirement of Ministry of Health.

Modules 1: Introduction

Introduction and Importance to Food Safety Public Health Legislation , you role in managing food safety

Modules 2: Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis Microbiological Causes of Food Poisoning, Chemical Food Poisoning Understanding the role Bacteria plays in Food Safety

Modules 3: Food Safety Issues and Incidents

What is the food safety issues and incidents that you should aware when handling food on your premises

Modules 4: Food borne Illnesses and Their Causes

Learn what is the food borne illness and their causes so that you can prevent it before it happens

Modules 5: Food borne Hazards and their Control Measures

Learn what is the food borne hazards and what is their control measures so you can take control and prevent the hazard that are coming from your food

Modules 6: Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Know what is cross-contamination and what can caused it so you can prevent it from happening on your premises

Modules 7: Time and Temperature Control and Food Quality Control

How to control your food quality and learn how to opmised the time and control the temperature to ensure your food is at their finest quality

Modules 8: Food Storage

The rules and regulation how to manage your food storage on your premises

Getting a food handler training certificate is easy. All you need to do is pass a food handler training course. Most food handler training will take you between three to four hours to complete. Some training providers, like us at SLPM Bersih Berseri offer food handler training completely online.  No need to travel to an in-class training. Certificate will be emailed and post-out an original to your doorstep.

Once you’re done three hours training session, passed PRE & POS exam, you can easily get your certificate right away and start working!

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